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Coordination of Care

Fair Hills Residence partners with several Springfield home health care providers to help our residents receive the rehabilitation services needed to live more active and independent lives. From the comfort of your suite at Fair Hills Residence, therapist will evaluate your rehabilitation needs and develop individualize therapeutic treatment plans under the direction of your physician, to improve your health, safety, and well-being.  

In assisted living facilities, Medicare and insurance companies often approve payment for rehabilitation services when a senior is facing a decline in their level of safety or independence when experiencing an illness or injury.


In order to maximize independence, a Physical Therapist may provide mobility training, safe transfer techniques, fall prevention and exercise programs to restore muscle functioning and increase your range of motion.


Occupational Therapists may work individually with residents to provide education and training to maximize functioning in activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, eating and grooming. Speech therapist may provide treatments for recovering speech and swallowing skills.

The expertise of these rehabilitation professionals, with the support of the Fair Hills nursing staff, strive to assist you to remain independent and successfully age in place so you do not have to leave the comforts of your assisted living home.


Hospice Care

Many times family and caregivers feel it is best if the resident is allowed to remain in an assisted living facility to receive hospice care. After all, this is their home – the place they are most comfortable and where they have developed close friendships with other residents and with the staff they trust.

Hospice care is typically provided by an outside home health agency, not the assisted living facility. Both organizations work closely together to keep the resident comfortable and their families informed.

Team meetings, including the resident, family, hospice workers, and Fair Hills staff, work together to develop a resident's plan of care and to make sure that symptoms are addressed quickly in order to minimize a resident's discomfort. The hospice care team includes both social workers and chaplains who are available as needed to address emotional, spiritual and psycho-social issues for residents and their families. These services are in addition to the ongoing supportive services provided by Fair Hills Residence staff.

At Illinois Presbyterian Home Communities, we believe end of life care deserves compassion, dignity and respect. We strive to provide coordinated hospice services that give our residents the medical care and emotional support to ensure comfort, care, and compassion.

Our Care Center offers private rooms and private dining room and is located in the North Wing of our assisted living Community.

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